Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurants and Hospitality

The risk of fires in commercial kitchens (such as chain restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, food courts and diners) is great. It is imperative the necessary precautions are taken to ensure that your restaurant, hospital, or other large-scale kitchen have fire suppression systems in place to reduce the chance of accidental fires. In fact, there are more incidents of fire accidents in restaurant kitchens, when compared to most other commercial establishments since high-heat machinery, cooking oils, and grease are constantly exposed to each other, creating an environment that is particularly conducive to fires. Maintaining the safety of your kitchen staff and equipment is essential, although it can be challenging. It is important to respond quickly to kitchen fire incidents because they can quickly get out of hand, if not dealt with in time. Fire extinguishers may prove to be unsuitable for use in commercial kitchens because of how cumbersome they can be, while water can worsen grease fires. Installing fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens are the most practical and efficient way of controlling and subduing fire hazards because they prevent the fire from spreading, ensure employee safety, and can help minimize the risk of property and equipment damage.

We’ve Got You Covered

Everguard offers services that are useful in smoothly guiding customers through the process of installing and maintaining Commercial Fire Suppression Systems. These include:


Everguard’s trained professionals can supply and efficiently install the necessary system, from planning to designing to the final installation.

Semi-annual Inspection

Everguard’s technicians can perform regular inspections of fire detection and suppression systems, so that you know whether your system is up to code or if the technicians are required to fix it.

Routine Maintenance

Commercial Fire Suppression Systems and Equipment require regular maintenance to ensure they are in good working order and are compliant with local fire codes. Everguard’s technicians are trained to service and maintain a wide variety of such systems and equipment.

24/7 Emergency Services

Everguard pride ourselves on our highly-skilled technicians who can provide 24 Hour emergency repair services so that your fire suppression system can remain fully operational.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Done Right

Everguard is determined to provide the best service to our clients. Our experience has afforded us unique insight into how to constantly strive for efficiency in protecting you and your investments against fire. Our 24/7 Emergency Service also means that we are always there for you when you need us. As a result, there are quite some benefits of working with Everguard, including:

Customized units

Whether you need a new fire protection system installed or ongoing maintenance performed, we provide detailed, accurate, and custom designs, based on your specific needs, that ensure smooth coordination.

Reduced exposure to fire code penalties

We adhere to the national and provincial building codes, and to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, to make sure that your Commercial Fire Suppression Systems are also adhering to those standards..

Increased safety for you and your employees

Fires greatly impact thousands of establishes each year and subsequently result in injury, loss of customer trust, and property damage. Establishing a reliable workplace fire prevention plan, along with a functional fire suppression system, is the best way to maintain peace of mind.

Easy and non-disruptive inspections

Everguard’s trained technicians perform each inspection according to the latest codes and standards, while remaining consistent with routine maintenance and delivering clients with the highest level of expertise, integrity, and value./span>

Suppression maintenance, education and testing

We perform inspections on buildings and institutions of all types and sizes with a variety of inspection services to meet the individual needs of each property. We also provide the option to review your current fire safety plans and help manage upgrades to keep them up to date, or create brand new plans if needed. Call us today to schedule your annual fire inspection and learn more about Everguard’s fire system inspection services.

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How does a kitchen fire suppression system work?

In the event of a fire, this is how your kitchen fire suppression system will respond:

  • If the system is triggered, it will automatically turn off the gas valve along with the electrical source under the range hood, removing the fuel source for the fire.
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems have a second component that comes in handy in the event of a kitchen – especially grease – fire, whereby a series of nozzles are requires to be installed in the hood above cooking stations. This is because many kitchen fires can continue to burn and spread, despite the gas being shut off.
  • If the second system is tripped, the nozzles will expel a wet chemical fire suppressant that suppresses and prevents grease fires from re-igniting.
  • Finally, the kitchen hood will also kick on to help remove smoke from your kitchen.

When triggered quickly, these systems are remarkably effective and can put out commercial kitchen fires in seconds. The speed of a kitchen fire suppression system is essential to ensure that the fire does not spread, and in turn protecting your staff and other important equipment in your kitchen. 

How do I maintain my kitchen’s restaurant fire suppression system?

  • Book Regular Inspections: As the kitchen is a hazard-prone area, it is critical to book regular fire suppression system inspections to make sure your system is functioning and well-maintained at all times. Everguard recommends booking a complete fire suppression system inspection, by one of our professionals, for a restaurant kitchen at least once every six months.
  • Follow Proper Cleaning & Safety Procedures: Making sure to keep kitchen equipment clean, well-maintained, and following all safety procedures properly can prevent grime and grease build-up over time. This build-up can cause a system failure therefore, it is essential to look after all cooking equipment to minimize any risks.
  • Consult A Certified Technician Before Major Renovations: In case you ever need to make any renovations to the kitchen lineup, it is recommended to consult with a licensed fire safety technician. The fire suppression system is usually explicitly configured according to your kitchen lineup to protect your kitchen equipment. If there’s any change in the kitchen lineup, it will need to be reconfigured according to the new lineup.
  • Conduct Monthly Visual Inspections: A monthly visual inspection of the fire suppression system is also recommended. Ensure to check for any grease clogs, damaged nozzle caps, etc. If anything looks suspicious, it is best to contact our licensed experts at Everguard.

In addition to following the above tips and scheduling regular maintenance from expert technicians at Everguard will ensure your restaurant’s safety. If you want to book an inspection from a certified technician, get in touch with our team today.

When does a kitchen need a restaurant fire suppression system?

A restaurant fire suppression system is necessary for any type-1 hood commercial kitchen, whether it be a traditional sit-down restaurant to a hospital kitchen, or even a seasonal kitchen at a stadium. Kitchen fires are fast, and can easily burn out of control, which is why any commercial kitchen with a cooking surface should have a system in place to control and suppress the fire.