We have the most qualified professional technicians that are trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent.

Our Technical Team is supported by highly experienced, fully trained and certified technicians focused on Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, along with Safety Equipment and Products. Our technicians follow strict provincial and manufacturer guidelines for inspection, testing and maintaining (IMR) your equipment.

We inspect, commission, repair, maintain, install and service what we sell. We also offer, exchange, rental and ownership options. Our Technical Service and Life Safety Teams operates in a variety of industries including:

Industrial | Municipal | Commercial | Energy | Mining | Forestry | Construction | And More!!

Our fast response times saves you precious time and money. We maintain a large inventory and national network of suppliers to ensure timely service, guaranteeing you get back to work as quickly as possible. Give us a call to talk about your specific needs.


Our Fire and Safety Technicians are in continuous training and recertification. We believe in continuous improvements in our product and system offerings, in order to offer these new exciting technologies and products our staff needs to be on the cutting edge, well trained and compliant.

We are also proudly trained and certified by the following OEM’s…

And Many More.


Every fire suppression system shall be inspected and certified every six months. Fire alarms, extinguishers, and emergency lighting require annual testing. We proudly provide our clients with services in inspection, maintenance and repair with a unique-to-Everguard Fire and Safety a detailed reporting system including the location and condition of the fire equipment.

​Leave it to us to maintain your routine service schedule. All of your fire equipment is inspected and tested under the various codes and standards: National and Provincial Building codes, National and Provincial Fire codes, NFPA Standards, ULC Standards, Manufacturer Manuals, and FM Global.


Contact us to set up your routine service schedule.