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We are the key authorized distributors for the Country of Canada, we install, service, and maintain fire suppression systems specializing in all forestry and mining equipment and have been performing such for decades.

We have the most qualified professional technicians and offer an extended warranty for the installation of all systems. We also offer a one-year installation warranty across all fire suppression systems as part of our initial install fee.​

Our ability to quickly respond to any downtime or callout saves you precious time and money. We carry a large inventory for the service and recharge of all fire suppression systems which helps our customers get back to work as quickly as possible. Please call today to talk about your specific needs.



Fire can rip through a building at devastating speeds. Thankfully, sprinkler systems can provide you 24/7 protection that can stop a fire as soon as it breaks out. Sprinkler heads are made to react quickly, providing a reduction in heat, flame, and smoke produced by a fire. They isolate the fire where it starts, helping with safe egress and reducing structural damage.

We inspect, install, service, and maintain sprinkler systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Protecting what matters most from total destruction, they are a fast response to any fire situation and provide insurance savings to the owners for having them properly installed.


Sprinkler systems are the world’s oldest form of fire suppression.​

Whether on private or commercial property, fire hydrants are the fire department’s only source of water once on site to fight fires. An essential part of maintaining your fire equipment as per NFPA 291 is properly maintaining your fire hydrants.

In addition to providing annual flow and residual testing, we also perform complete teardown and disassembly for inspection of internal parts for proper operation.



Fire alarms save lives. They provide fire detection and defense to safely evacuate a fire situation. We install, test, service, and troubleshoot conventional and addressable fire alarm panels in commercial and industrial buildings according to ULC Standards to protect people and property.

​We represent a number of key fire alarm manufacturers; our technicians are factory trained with all of the best testing equipment to ensure compliance and reliability of your systems.



For the protection of your equipment, property and the lives of you, your employees and clients, we offer fire suppression for all of your needed applications. Regardless of the necessary application, fire suppression is available for any need for your protection.


When you require protection of your expensive equipment rooms, electrical rooms, engine rooms, or irreplaceable valuables from sprinkler systems or water mist, we offer Clean Agent system solutions which utilize such agents as Novec 1230, FM 200 agent, C02, or Inergen™, depending on the application.


Utilized as a total flooding application in automotive spray booths, over generators, hazardous storage facilities and many other areas where flammable B class fires/hazards are a real threat, industrial dry chemical is used to cover large areas to protect decreased property value, loss of production and at times, human life.​


With the combination of extreme heat and flammable greases used in commercial cooking, comes an increased risk of fire. For restaurant owners, fire suppression equipment is what gives them the peace of mind that if a fire occurs, the heart of their operation continues to beat.​



Fire extinguishers are often the first thing we think of when we think of fire equipment. They keep your home, vehicle, commercial property, or industrial location safe to fight small fires. We offer a hazard analysis of your location for the proper placement and requirements as per the standard NFPA 10 and Fire Codes.​

We have many fire technicians that perform annual inspections and maintenance at customer owned facilities. We also have various fire shops that recharge, refill, re-build all types of fire extinguishers, dry chemical, dry powder, CO2, foam, water, etc. Additionally, we are Factory Approved for cartridge recharging / refilling.



We are certified by Transport Canada for hydrostatic testing and re-qualification. We are proud to have various hydrostatic testing facilities throughout Canada with many decades of experience.

We test all high-pressure cylinders such as CO2 fire extinguishers and cylinders, SCBA cylinders, Scuba tanks, etc. Additionally, we are Factory Approved for cartridge recharging / refilling and high-pressure testing for the larger cartridges.



Emergency lighting is an essential part of the safety of a building. If a building’s power goes out, emergency lights Illuminate your path to safe egress. To protect you and your property, we make a point of checking the exit signs at the same time we check the emergency lights. For annual inspection, we test, service, replace, and repair. We make sure all remote heads are tested for illumination and are load-tested to ensure they will operate for a minimum of one hour.



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Every fire suppression system shall be inspected and certified every six months. Fire alarms, extinguishers, and emergency lighting require annual testing. We proudly provide our clients with services in inspection, maintenance and repair with a unique-to-Everguard Fire and Safety a detailed reporting system including the location and condition of the fire equipment.

​Leave it to us to maintain your routine service schedule. All of your fire equipment is inspected and tested under the various codes and standards: National and Provincial Building codes, National and Provincial Fire codes, NFPA Standards, ULC Standards, Manufacturer Manuals, and FM Global.


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