Breathe-Safe systems are high-efficiency, air filtration systems fitted to the cabs of mining, forestry, agricultural and construction equipment, as well as fitted directly to sensitive, computer and electrical panels and control rooms working in areas of high dust, air contaminants, or toxic vapors. The Breathe-Safe system provides continuous pressure and automated fan speed control as well as constant pressure monitoring of these work spaces to force the dust and any harmful air particulates or fibers away from the operators cabin or work space. Using highly efficient carbon and HEPA Filtration for filtering both the fresh air and return air, the Breathe-Safe system ensures clean, safe, breathing air preventing operators and sensitive work areas from being exposed to extremely harmful airborne particulates like silica, dust, asbestos, coal dust, pollen, pesticides, molds or harmful vapors.

We can provide professional installation of Breathe-Safe kits onto the factory Air conditioning systems of the operators cabs of mining, forestry, construction, and Agriculture machinery. We can also install Breathe-Safe kits on autonomous machinery as well as sensitive Computer Control rooms used in harsh working conditions in mining and rock quarries.